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The center of Earth consists of1.Ice2.Hard rocks3.Molten material with lots of iron4.MercuryHurricanes scales start at windspeeds of :1.Over 50 km/h2.Over 252 km/h3.There is no limit, just very windy4.Over 118 Km/hWind can do the following: 1.Cause chemical weathering2.Shape sand dunes3.Influence the flow of rivers4.Form new islands by depositionVolcanoes that form over places where magma is near the surface are called: 1.Hot plate volcanoes2.Hot spot volcanoes3.Lava jet volcanoes4.Magma burst volcanoesA technology that enables the shape of the seafloor to be studied is called: 1.Sonar2.Laser3.Radar4.SubmarineThe center of Earth consists of 1.Ice2.Hard rocks3.Molten material with lots of iron4.MercuryYou get 1000 point if you get it right.

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499 cents Roberge

metals like iron and nickel

The centre of the earth is called core

it's made up of metals specifically iron and nickel

  1. elements that dissolve in iron called siderophiles are also found in the core.
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