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Mary Zimmerman Mary Zimmerman Sep 13, 2021

Give reasons for the following: a) Ice boxes are often double walled containers b) Bricks and mud are used for making houses c) Ventilators, when provided in rooms, are located near their roofs​

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a)  The icebox have double walls to provide complete insulation and reduce the rate of transfer of heat. The vaccum between the two walls act as an insulator and prevent the transfer of heat.

b) Straw or other fibres that are strong in tension are often added to the bricks to help reduce cracking. Mud bricks are joined with a mud mortar and can be used to build walls, vaults and domes.

c) to provide fresh air to come in and hot and bad air to go to of the room because hot air is lighter and therefore goes up and escapes from ventilators and cool air from the atmosphere come inside the room because in room there is low pressure when hot air escapes so it enters the room through ventilators.

Androskoggin Androskoggin
Sep 13, 2021
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