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Miroslav Miroslav Jan 15, 2021

the ratio of males and females and children's are in the ratio3:4:6 total population is 26000 what is the number of women​

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Although there are several ways to solve this ,

I will not get into those 'x' business.

We know 4/5 of the children are boys therefore the remaining 1/5th must be girls.

Now it is being said the no. Of girls is 200.

Hence , if 1/5th corresponds to 200.

Then the whole part or the total number of students will be equal to 200*5=1000.

And the number of boys would be 1000–200= 800.

*This numerical problem resembles the current situation of engineering colleges in India* XD

hence, ' beti bachao beti padhao.'

Peace out.

Kagda Kagda
Jan 15, 2021
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