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There are pros and cons to both e-readers and paper books. Do you think the pros outweigh the cons more for modern electronic readers, or for good old-fashioned paper books? Maybe it simply comes down to personal preferences as opposed to rational decision-making. Which do you prefer? Which do you think is better? Explain.

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132 cents David Montgomery

E-books have made it easier to carry books across long distances and have made learning  simpler.

E-books or paper books?

In the twenty first century, we have seen a sudden budding of technology  such as have never been. Part of this mordern technology is the introduction of electronic books in several formats such as pdf, epub etc.

These books can be read on computers, ipads, laptops, sart phone etc having the appropriate reader software. These ebooks unlike the paper books have eased the inconvienence associated with carrying  paper books which are often bulky from place to place.

Several ebooks could be housed at once in a  smartphone and carried in the pocket. This has made learning easier than ever. Thus, ebooks are better than paper books.

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