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Steffensen Svend Steffensen Svend Dec 19, 2020

What are cyclones? which states in India are prone to cyclones​

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Cyclone is a large scale air mass that rotates around a strong center of low atmospheric pressure. Cyclones are characterized by inward spiraling winds that rotate about a zone of low pressure. The 12 most cyclone hazard-prone districts are Nellore and East Godavari, Krishna in Andhra Pradesh, Yanam in Puducherry, Balasore, Bhadrak, Kendrapara and Jagjitsinghpur in Odisha, South and 24 North Pargana, Medinipur, and Kolkata in West Bengal. Incidentally, all are on the east coast.hope this helps you !!!
Yageman Yageman
Dec 19, 2020
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