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3.కింది పదాలను కలిపి రాయండి. ఏం జరిగిందో చెప్పండి.ఉదా: తగిన+అంతతగినంతఅ) చాలిన+అంత = ------------------ఆ) సీత + అమ్మ = --------------------ఇ) అక్కడ + ఇక్కడ = -----------------ఈ) అందక + ఉండెను = ---------------ఉ) చెప్పుట + ఎట్లు = -----------------ఊ) రాక + ఏమి = -------------------​

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A modification of the excretory system in insects that live in dry habitats. The distal ends of the Malpighian tubules are in direct contact with the rectum and remove water and salts before they are excreted.Diuretic hormonesSeveral hormones that increase Malpighian tubule activity.

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A feature of the hemipteran digestive tract in which the anterior and posterior regions of the midgut are closely associated to bypass most of the midgut, in order to facilitate the excretion of excess fluid.
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