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In 24 hours Mostafa sleeps 8 hours, studies 5 hours, plays 2 hours and do other things in the rest of the time daily.What is the percentage of time Mostafa does other things in a days? .​

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Given -

Time taken to sleep = 8hrs = A

Time taken to study = 5hrs = B

Time taken to play = 2hrs = C

To find -

Percentage of other things done by Mostafa.

Solution -

In the question, we are provided with the times where, so first we will add up all the hours, and then we will subract it from the 24, (where 24 means 24hrs) and then we will multiply it by 100, to find the percentage.

So -

A + B + C = total time taken.

On substituting the values -

8hrs + 2hrs + 5hrs = Total time taken

15hrs = total time.

Now -

Time for other things = 24hrs - total time

Time for other things = 24hrs - 15hrs

Time for other things = 9hrs

At the end -

We will multiply 9 by 100 to find the percentage, but we will also write 9/24, and then multiply by 100.



∴ The percentage for other things is 37.5%

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