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Once upon a time is a reflectionof dissatisfaction

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Once Upon A Time is about a father teaching his son regarding the dangers of fake friends and how times have changed. This infers that it used to happen by the use of the word, ‘now’ because it shows that in the present tense it doesn’t happen anymore because they’ve grown up. The poet also signifies an emotion of disappointment and that he wished he had learned earlier on how to put on a fake smile and deal with people that don’t want to be his friend. The main speaker in the poem regrets about a time in the speakers’ life when people were sincere and caring in their dealings. He speaks regretfully about the present time when people are not like before. He seems to feel that people have lost the innocence and openness which he now sees in his young son. He wants to regain that innocence.

The poet displays how they used to be his friends and something must have transformed for them friends to keep running back to him even though they aren’t true friends.

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