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What was the long time change because of the frozen food invention? |

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I'll answer this question as though it read, "What was a result of the invention of frozen food"?

Frozen food, like most inventions, sought to provide convenience.  The benefit of freezing food is that it "keeps" for much longer than leaving it out or even in the refrigerator.

Frozen vegetables are often chopped before they're frozen, making it easy to prepare what is needed and keep the rest frozen.

Side dishes (scalloped potatoes, for example) can be prepared and then frozen.  Heating a frozen side dish greatly reduces the amount of time needed to prepare an entire meal.

Even entire meals are available frozen.  While often containing high amounts of sodium and other preservatives to maintain freshness, frozen food had greatly reduced the amount of time people spend preparing meals.  Many will argue that, in exchange for the convenience, we have given up a good deal of the nutritional value of the food.

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