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How does this image compare to the white blood cells you saw using Stella's compound microscope? What are the pros and cons of using electron and compound microscopes? In your response consider cost and ease of use.

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The Resolution and  Magnify power are the major  differences between the electron microscope compare to compound microscope. This is due to the source of power for the operation,Light rays of (400-700nm) are used by the compound microscopes,while short frequencies  beam of  electrons  of(  1 nm)are used by the  Electron Microscope.

The compound microscope consists of objective lens  with short focal length.They are therefore used for magnification of tiny objects.While the   E. microscope makes use of beam of electrons(compare to light rays in  the compound microscope) with higher resolutions.The  beam of electrons are  focused by magnetic lenses to give images.

Electron microscope is cumbersome to use,it is expensive, requires a lot of expertise, and occupies large space.

Compound are less expensive with low maintenance,it  does not requires expertise;very easy to operate, and can easily be moved about.

There is low risk of radiation with compound,lower magnification,both dead and living creatures can be used.

E.microscope,has high radiation risk,higher magnification, with only dead materials.

Gary Collins
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