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Cambia a voz pasiva las siguientes oraciones.1) She bought four apples.2) We won the match.3) The man stole the blue car.4) The police arrested the thieves.5) Jack swam the 200 meters.6) The dog bit the old lady.7) Tom and Max ate five hamburgers.8) Oliver taught the children.9) Victoria rode the brown horse.10) Grandmother told good stories.

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1. four apples were bought by her  

2. the match was won  

3. the blue car was stolen  

4. the thieves were arrested  

5. 200 metres were swum by Jack  

6. the old lady was bitten by the dog  

7. five hamburguers were eaten by Max and Tom  

8. the children were taught by Oliver  

9. the brown horse was riden by Victoria  

10. good stories were told by grandmother

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