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it is common observation that more attention is paid to an important issue at the coast of importance was the play The proposal beautifully for States respect suggest some steps how we can avoid this unhealthy practices​

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The girl Natalya and Lomov  get indulged into a big fight and debate between them on several petty topics like the ownership of land and comparisons of their pet dogs. However this lead to not only the loss of their wits but also decreasing their bond of neighbour. Their short temperedness also made their marriage's base start with a fight. this example from the text tells us that both natalya and lomov did not give attention to the bigger picture but were ready to fight over petty things due to short temper.

We can always avoid this unhealthy practise by :

1. Managing your anger/temper better.

2. Controlling your emotions.

3. Being self aware.

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