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me pueden ayudar en esta tarea cual es la indicada 2) Underline a little or a few. Subraya la opción correcta 1. We’ve got a little/ a few luggage. 2. Tom has got a little / a few friends here. 3. I’m not very hungry. I want only a few/a little food. 4. Nick bought a few/ a little CDs for his cousin. 5. There are only a few/ a little museums in our town. 6. Eggs taste better with a little/ a few salt. 7. Let’s have a coffee. I’ve got a little/a few minutes.

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1. a few

2. a few

3. a little

4. a few

5. a few

6. a little

7. a few

A few es para cosas que se pueden contar y a little para las que no se pueden contar. Ejemplo: el café no se cuenta, una taza de café si. Ojalá te sirva :)

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